Required Survival Gear

The following list of equipment is MANDATORY and MUST be aboard your aircraft during every flight to, from, or within the Bahamas
  1. One Coast Guard-approved life vest for every occupant on board the aircraft.
  2. One two-way communication radio.
  3. All other equipment required for the operation of your aircraft in the U.S.


Suggested Survival Gear

The following items are not mandatory; however, it is strongly suggested that they be included as basic equipment for over water flights:
  1. EPIRB — see following information
  2. One Coast Guard-approved life vest for every occupant – preferably with light or personal locator beacon.
  3. One life raft sufficient to carry the occupants of the aircraft.
  4. One VHF Marine band radio.
  5. One Aviation band radio (hand held).
  6. Portable GPS with spare batteries.
Other items to include:
  1. One compass
  2. Six flares (day/night aerial are preferable)
  3. One waterproof flashlight/spare batteries
  4. One signal mirror (unbreakable)
  5. One first aid kit
  6. Waterproof matches
  7. Portable strobe light
  8. Rations
  9. The current Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot’s Guide
  10. Copy of Jimmy Buffett’s book, A Pirate Looks at Fifty
These additional items would also be useful:
  1. Flare gun and flares
  2. Smoke bombs
  3. Water dye markers
  4. Temporary shelter
  5. Water still
  6. Hatchet
  7. Cable saw
  8. Hacksaw/blade
  9. Plastic film 6x6x1 mil thick
  10. Nylon string
  11. Aluminum foil
  12. Drinking container
  13. Fishing kit
  14. Additional first aid supplies
  15. Plastic tape
  16. Insect repellent
  17. Shark repellent
  18. Sunscreen lotion
  19. Mosquito netting
  20. Pain, salt, water purification pills
  21. Tissues
  22. Sunglasses
  23. Food and water sufficient for 2-3 days/per person
  24. Knife/razor and blades
  25. Chapstick