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The Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot's Guide
The Aviators ONLY Complete Resource for the Islands


The "bible" for island flying for over 30 years, pilots rely on the Bahamas and the Caribbean Pilot's Guides each year for all the information they need in one convenient place. The Pilot's Guides have a well-earned reputation as the one complete resource for aviation travel in the islands. Updated annually, the Pilot's Guides are packed full of procedures, Customs & Immigration information, phone numbers, frequencies, fuel availability, aerial photos, forms, and so much more to help you plan, prepare for and enjoy your trip.
Procedures are straight-forward, forms are simple, and the fees minimal. It's only a short 53 nautical miles from Ft. Lauderdale to the first of the island chains — Bimini. From there you will almost always be within sight of land. What more could a pilot ask for than easy access to a playground of airports, friendly people, unlimited turquoise water abundant with fish... and plenty of rum and Kalik, both made in the islands. With only 300,000 Bahamians to host you at their 60 airports (21 airports of entry) and thousands of islands, you'll find the serenity to unwind!

Praises for the 2014 Bahamas Pilot's Guide

"Wanted to let you know I received the revised and condensed copy of the Bahamas Flying guide. What a great idea! This is really a great direction. It's easier to manage, easy to thumb-through, and easier to store! Superb Idea!"Don



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